Self-Esteem, or Channeling My Inner Nikki G.

  A few weeks ago, I received a call from my sister in spirit Daaiyah Salaam.  Daaiyah and I attended college together at Georgia Southern University (the real GSU) and were engaged in a number of social and cultural organizations. At the top of the list was the Black Student Alliance.  Daaiyah served as President … Continue reading Self-Esteem, or Channeling My Inner Nikki G.

Let the Circle of Sista PhDs be Unbroken!

  As I have continued to make my rounds at professional conferences, summer institutes, and various university campuses I have been overjoyed to learn of all the other thirty-something black female PhDs who are making waves in the academy!  It’s always great to see a friendly face, but to make contact with a friendly face … Continue reading Let the Circle of Sista PhDs be Unbroken!

Beyoncé as Black Feminist Subject

  As part of the amazing and generative energy cultivated during the NEH Summer Institute, I signed on to contribute to a project on urban fiction in visual and popular forms.  As the title probably informs you, I have committed to tackling Beyoncé Knowles and the “urban fiction” that has been created by her performance … Continue reading Beyoncé as Black Feminist Subject

Single Black Female…..Mother.

  I have heard much discussion about and have even experienced some of the difficulties of being a career-oriented woman. The balance of work and quality of life---which often means family—is not always easy to maintain.  One has to consider if and at what point marriage and child-bearing (and the thankless task of childrearing) will … Continue reading Single Black Female…..Mother.