Let the Circle of Sista PhDs be Unbroken!

  As I have continued to make my rounds at professional conferences, summer institutes, and various university campuses I have been overjoyed to learn of all the other thirty-something black female PhDs who are making waves in the academy!  It’s always great to see a friendly face, but to make contact with a friendly face … Continue reading Let the Circle of Sista PhDs be Unbroken!

Single Black Female…..Mother.

  I have heard much discussion about and have even experienced some of the difficulties of being a career-oriented woman. The balance of work and quality of life---which often means family—is not always easy to maintain.  One has to consider if and at what point marriage and child-bearing (and the thankless task of childrearing) will … Continue reading Single Black Female…..Mother.

Promotion and Tenure–The Long Sojourn

  This August marks my sixth year in the professoriate.  It has been six years since I defended my dissertation and was hooded by my esteemed advisor Darryl Dickson-Carr.  Six years beyond the Ph.D. signifies another milestone in the academic career, particularly for the tenure track appointed, depending on which one of us takes a … Continue reading Promotion and Tenure–The Long Sojourn

Trans-itioning: Moving across Academic Spaces

  I was privileged to be among the chosen to participate in the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on Contemporary African American Literature, directed by Lovalerie King at Penn State University. As I reflect on the experience, it is hard to articulate what actually took place in that space.  Sure, I can tell … Continue reading Trans-itioning: Moving across Academic Spaces